Preston Care and Repair header imageWe are the provider for Lancashire County Council’s Integrated Home Improvement Service (IHIS) for Preston, South Ribble and West Lancashire. We also provide the Handyperson Service for Chorley Borough Council, under their IHIS arrangements.

The aim of the Integrated Home Improvement Service is to support people to live safely and independently at home for as long as possible. The service focuses on providing practical help and advice that will:

  • Prevent or delay admission to residential care; and/or reduce demand for other types of social care interventions
  • Prevent falls/accidents in the home to reduce A&E visits and unplanned hospital admissions
  • Enable timely and safe hospital discharge


To be eligible for the service, people must be over the age of 18 and a resident of Lancashire. They must also have a long term condition or disability that affects their ability to live safely and independently at home.

As part of the Integrated Home Improvement Service we provide:

  • IHIS Handyperson Scheme – eligible work is completed free of charge, you will only pay the cost of any materials that are required to do the job. To be eligible, a client must qualify for the IHIS Service (see above) and the work required must be considered neccessary to help independent living or to help prevent a hospital admission.
  • Minor Adaptations – we complete minor adaptations work as recommended by an OT and agreed through Lancashire County Council’s Adult Social Services team, such work includes step adaptations, banister rails, external rails and ramps.
  • Healthy Home Assessments – we will undertake a comprehensive assessment of your home and offer recommendations for any improvements in relation to being safe, secure, warm and independent. Often recommended works can be completed free of charge under the IHIS Handyperson Scheme and clients will only pay for the cost of any materials required.
  • Advice & Information – our advice and information services are available to help people make informed decisions about living independently at home.
  • Aids for daily living – we work alongside other local providers to process items through Lancashire County Council’s prescription service.


Preston Care and Repair header image

Case Study

Mrs B is 88 years old and lives alone in her family home. She has used our Handyperson Service for many years. On one visit, our Technician was talking to Mrs B and she mentioned that she’d had a couple of falls at the front door, one quite bad that meant she had to go to A&E. During the conversation, our Technician realised that one of the triggers for the falls was bending down to pick up the milk from the doorstep; so he put up a small shelf for the milkman to leave the milk on and she doesn’t have to bend down any more. Mrs B says she hasn’t fallen at the front door since. The cost of the shelf was just a few pounds, but the potential savings from preventing further falls is enormous.