Preston Care and Repair header imageWe can provide practical support to help people with dementia and their carers to stay safe and independent in their own home and live well with Dementia.

Our support will often start with a free Healthy Home Assessment to fully understand your needs and make useful recommendations about how we can best help you and/or your loved one.

There are many simple adaptations that can make a real difference to a person living with dementia including memory aids or prompts and items that can help with visual and orientation issues that many people with dementia experience.

The type of work we can carry out includes:

  • Fitting coloured grab rails to improve visibility
  • Fitting stair rails to aid mobility; rails can also be painted in a contrasting colour to aid visibility
  • De-cluttering or removing trip hazards, for example rugs and doormats can often be mistaken for ‘holes’ or an uneven surface, contributing to trips and falls
  • Installing Key safes to enable timely access for carers and relatives
  • Paint door frames and light switches in a colour that contrasts with the walls around them to improve visibility
  • Fitting memory aids such as memo minders or using signage and pictures to aid orientation
  • Making gardens and paths safer and more accessible

What will it cost?

The Healthy Homes Assessment will be completed free of charge. Often, work can be completed by our Handyperson Service. If larger adaptations are required, we will always discuss costs with you in advance and provide a written quotation, which is subject to a 14 day cooling off period on acceptance.

Preston Care and Repair header image


Mrs N is 91 and lives alone. She has Alzheimer’s Disease. Her daughter contacted us for advice because Mrs N kept locking the door and leaving the keys in the lock, meaning that carers and family couldn’t get into the house when they needed to. It was causing lots of problems and delays to care and Mrs N’s daughter was worried about her mum’s ability to stay at home. We organised for a Healthy Home Assessment and one of the actions identified and completed was changing the lock on the front door to include an internal thumb lock. Now Mrs N can lock the door, but can’t leave the keys in the lock. Carers and family can gain access when they need to. Mrs N’s daughter says our support has enabled her Mum to stay at home for longer, which is where she wants to be.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]