Client Case Study – Dementia Support Service

Here is an example of how relatively small and simple changes can support people living with dementia to stay safe and independent – and give peace of mind to loved ones and carers. Contact us for more information about how we can help you or a relative/neighbour stay safe and independent at home.

Mrs N is 91 years old, living with dementia, independently in her own home. Mrs N’s daughter contacted us for advice as Mrs N forgets to remove the key from the front door after locking it, which is preventing carers accessing the property.

We suggested fitting a thumb turn lock, so Mrs N would be able to lock the door when inside the property and carers would still be able to access the property using a key. Mrs N’s daughter agreed to the lock being changed.

The work was completed through the funding from Lancashire County Council under the Integrated Home Improvement Service contract, the client only paid for the cost of the new lock. The work was completed within 5 days from the initial phone call.