Preston Care and RepairWe can offer a wide range of support to people who need minor work at home to enable them to be safely discharged from hospital.

Our team work together to provide practical support as well as relevant information and advice, based upon a person’s individual needs and circumstances. The support we can offer includes:

  • Declutter/improve access routes around the home
  • Improve external access routes
  • Move furniture to make space for new equipment
  • Bring a bed downstairs
  • Remove trip hazards
  • Improve lighting.
  • Organise boiler checks/repairs
  • Fit a key safe to enable relatives and carers to visit easily
  • Signpost to other services and support

We use the Healthy Home Assessment to identify and resolve key risks around the home, not only supporting a safe and timely discharge from hospital, but also reducing risks in the home that may lead to future admission, A&E attendance or the need to access other health or social care services.

What will it cost?

Smaller jobs such as moving furniture or removing trip hazards would be done through the Handyperson Service. For larger works, we would provide a written quotation.

Preston Care and Repair


We received a telephone call from a colleague at Age Concern Central Lancashire, she was visiting a lady who had been discharged from hospital the previous day and was having carers coming in throughout the day to support her. A key safe hadn’t been organised prior to her discharge and the client, as a result, was leaving her door open during the day meaning anyone could gain access to her property until the last carer visited at around 9pm. We were able to action the key safe being supplied and fitted in under 24 hours from receiving the initial phone call ensuring better security and safety for the client in her own home. We also arranged for the Technical Officer to visit the client to look at and assist with improvements to her bathroom facilities.