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Our Housing Options Service provides independent, straightforward advice and support to help older and disabled people make the right housing choices for them, based on their individual needs.

People often think of housing options in relation to moving home, but this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, the best housing options outcome for you will be to understand the support and options available to keep you in your existing home. For other people, the right option may be to move  to a property that better suits their needs.

So whether you want to know about options to adapt your existing home or you want to consider moving house, our team can explain the wide range options available to you.

The support we can offer will be tailored to your individual needs but can include:

  • Home visits to understand needs and to talk things through
  • Advice on all available options – including any possible options to help you stay in your current home
  • Technical advice on possible adaptations to your home
  • Help to access any grants you may be eligible for, such as a Disabled Facilities Grant
  • Help with forms and paperwork
  • Advice when viewing alternate properties
  • Help and support throughout the whole process – either until adaptations work is complete or until you are settled in your new home
  • Advice on getting help from other organisations and services

What will it cost?

Our housing options advice and information is always free. The only time a cost would be incurred would be if you want us to carry out or project manage adaptations to your home. We would always let you know about any such fees in advance.

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Following the death of her husband, Mrs P was overwhelmed and worried that she wouldn’t be able to cope with the house and in particular the large garden. Our Handyperson Technician, who was visiting to complete another job, had recently undertaken Housing Options training and was able to talk to Mrs P sensitively about her worries. He left her with some information and let her know we could offer more help and support if she needed it. In the end, Mrs P has decided not to move right now. She continues to use our Handyperson service to keep on top of household jobs and has hired a gardener. She said she really appreciated the ability to talk through her concerns and have a friendly, listening ear when she needed it most. She thanked us for giving her the peace of mind to know help will be there when she needs it.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]